What Certified Electricians Say About Your Electrics When You Go On Holiday

At this time of year, many of us go on holiday. This means locking up our homes and making sure that everything is in order before you leave, and this includes your electrics! Let’s have a look at what our certified electricians say about what you should do with your electrical system before you go on holiday.

Don’t Leave Your Lights On

It is often said that you should leave a light or two on when going on holiday to make it appear as if you are still at home to ward off burglars. But this can rack up your electrical bill and even pose a fire threat. Instead, you should look into installing an outdoor security lighting system.

Check Your Alarms and Smoke Detectors

Before you leave, you should double-check your alarm system and smoke detectors so that if something were to happen while you are away, you and the relevant professionals would be notified promptly.

Invest in Power Surge Protectors

Power surges can really damage your appliances and devices. But investing in power surge protectors can prevent this from happening and act as a protective barrier. You never know what kind of weather or other events may occur while you are away that may affect your power.

Unplug All Appliances and Devices

Before you leave to go on your holiday, wherever that may be, be sure that you go around to all of your appliances and devices and unplug anything that is not completely necessary, such as your empty freezer. Unplugging your devices will also help prevent them from being damaged by power surges, save you when it comes to your electrical bill, and prevent any electrical issues.

Use a Trusted House Sitter

If you decide to use a house sitter while you are away, ensure that you use someone that you can really trust. Take the time necessary to explain to your sitter exactly how your electrical system works, show them where all safety switches are, and instruct them to contact you or a certified electrician in an electrical emergency. Perhaps even consider leaving this vital information on the fridge.

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