Do You Know What to Expect From a Cambridge Site Plan?

As a business or homeowner, there often comes a time to renovate or build a new property. When working with contractors supplying draughting, plumbing services etc in Cambridge, do you know what to expect on a site plan? The HCS team of experts is here to explain the in and outs of the plans.

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The What And When Of A Site Plan

All construction drawings are basically diagrams, and so is a site plan. Here is a simple summary of what you should expect to find on it:

  • As-Is – this is the indication of structures or utilities, like plumbing services, that are already on the erf before the Cambridge construction project starts.
  • To Be – this shows what is going to be built or altered.

Note: city authorities have different plan requirements per city, so not all plans are alike.

Generally, a site plan is needed by authorities to verify if the city and national construction legislation requirements are being met. These become historical documents in the city archives.

What is The Function of a Site Plan? 

The primary functions to expect from a humble site plan are:

  • To display a clear indication of how the erf (plot of land usually about half an acre in size) will be utilized
  • To show how the relationship of the utilization versus the erf as well as the adjacent plots, roads, etc.
  • To facilitate the verification of city building or zone codes for the property by city officials.
  • To verify that amenities and utilities are appropriate for the building being constructed.

Is a Site Plan Called a Floor Plan?

Short answer – no. A document that is labelled ‘floor plan’ is an interior drawing, to scale, of the interior of a home or office, etc. It is also drawn up in architectural draughting software, which is useful as it converts the layout into a 3D rendering of your space.

Such a drawing will show the flow from room to room, the names of the rooms, the placement of soft furnishings, lighting positions and relatively fine detail. It will also show details of how plumbing services arrive at the faucet outlets of your Cambridge property.

Your plan for your site is a ‘zoomed out’ view of the project, in a smaller scale ratio, and not showing details. It deals with boundaries, sewer lines, building orientation and road positions.

Your interior drawing of the floor layout is technical and is usually the plan that most interests property owners.

Are Site Plans Necessary?

A site plan is frequently needed in renovation projects as city officials need to see your home’s context and verify if the renovation is aligned to zoning bylaws etc. A new build will definitely require a site plan, but there are additional reasons for producing one:

  • To verify the square feet of the property.
  • To verify your boundary lines and building lines.
  • To annotate landscaping work.
  • To design a replacement roof.
  • To accompany a permit application for an additional structure on the land.
  • To accompany an application for demolition.
  • To accompany swimming pool alteration plans.
  • To accompany an application for Conditional Use rights (commercial).

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